New S60 Launch is a 'Driving Experience'

New S60 Launch is a 'Driving Experience'

Volvo have taken over a racing circuit in Portugal for 12 weeks to launch their new S60. Teaming up with experience and events specialist Line Up, Volvo have crafted a tailored two-day interactive experience to introduce the S60 to their global dealers.

Rob Leach, director at Line Up said, “There is no better location than a racing circuit to show off the driving performance of the new Volvo S60.”

The event is designed to show of the ‘dual personality’ of the S60, Volvo’s reputed safety and the new ‘naughty’ side.

“The event’s subtle ‘naughty’ touches and ‘dual personality’ will bring Volvo?s positioning of the S60 to life in a memorable and entertaining way so guests are sure to leave knowing one thing - the naughty Volvos have arrived!” Rob Leach added.

We at are not sure about ‘new’ - the ‘naughty’ side of Volvo cars is something Volvo drivers have always enjoyed. Volvo?s range T5 and R-Design cars are testament to this.