Volvo support student race car build

Volvo support student race car build

Volvo are offering there help and support to students at Chalmers University of Technology. As part of there degree 25 students will build a single-seater car from scratch.

They will have to develop the concept and later manufacture the car by themselves. Volvo will give guidance in both technical and commercial areas throughout the project .

“I think it’s a great program and a fantastic opportunity for a positive interchange between students and Volvo. Also a good base for picking up future talents”, said Derek Crabb, head of Powertrain and motorsports director at Volvo Cars.

Students will have to report the prject to Derek Crabb, and if that was not hard enough they will also test the cars performance and build qulity in a competition ? Formula Student at Silverstone.

It?s great to see Volvo get behind and develop the next generation of automotive genius, in such and innovative and engaging way.

For more information visit Chalmers University of Technology or Formula Student